New Zine out now!!! “I Saw The Photograph Of You”: Photographs by Gabriele Stabile, design by Pax. Check our shop page and get yours!

 15 years ago when I met Pax, I entered a world of magic. She used to live right above her gigantic studio space, a wonderland filled with paintings, canvases, colors, spray cans, skateboards, cameras and piles and piles of books. I am the son of a bookseller, been around the thing all my life, and was immediately drawn by those chaotic and rich shelves. What a gift it was to be able to see her painting while reading. Pax has always been an avid, cultivated reader. She handles books as she would with objects of love, some deserve care, others need to be roughened up a little. Many had marks, paint, scribbles, earmarks, notes. Little by little, they were becoming her books. Moving two times across the ocean has not been easy, for us. some of those volumes were lost, some pages were scanned and saved, others were archived, the serial hoarders we are, and to this day serve as the backdrop for our scrapbooks. This volume, which we just published in form of limited edition zine, features my photographs, mostly portraits of people that fascinated me, over the years, and was designed and edited by Pax, with a little help from those pages.

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with love, Gabriele.